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Research Centre and Laboratory

The research team have set up the BC-SDBE project research centre and environmental lab at the university as well as purchased several scientific equipment to be used in the research that underpins the training. This has been applied on real case studies to evaluate and improve the building performance to generate first hand data for the training programme delivery. The research team have also installed building environmental analysis and modelling softwares; Integrated Environmental Solutions, and DesignBuilder on the environmental lab PCs to be used in training programmes and evaluation of energy and thermal performance of the case studies. The research team has started applying the software in order to generate learning materials for the upcoming training programme planned for September 2017. The team also taught year 3 students (BSc Architectural Design Technology) the software and the students were able to apply their learning on a new modular timber structure case study. The results they obtained through their modelling and simulation helped the architects who designed the case study realise how they can improve the design for better thermal comfort.

As a result of building critical mass through the BC-SDBE project, a Sustainable Design Research Group is consolidating at the School of Architecture, Computing and Engineering where potential PhD students have expressed interest in joining and undertaking their doctoral research within the centre.
Current PhD students are working under supervision of the research project team. One research project focuses on energy efficient and cost effective retrofit of buildings in Cyprus through modelling and simulation, and the other PhD student’s project is investigating people’s energy consumption behaviour to inform a smart application that will provide tailored energy saving advice using a survey questionnaire as the main research method. A third PhD student is starting in September 2017 under the supervision of the project team to undertake research on green roofs and sustainable urban design.

Collaboration with LBN yielded research output and strategies in energy efficiency retrofit in the borough. The results are also being published in high impact conference proceedings and journal papers.